Classroom expectations

In this class you will be expected to:

    • participate in all classroom activities. Your success is dependent upon your contribution and participation. You need to be able to work cooperatively with others as well as individually.
    • put complete effort into every project, assignment or daily activity.
    • ask for help when you need it and help someone around you if you find they are feeling confused.   Learning often involves making mistakes and mistakes are best improved upon in a supportive environment.
    • be courteous, polite and considerate of others at all times.
    • be respectful of your school, of others and of the property of others.
    • be in class on time. If you arrive late to class please knock and wait patiently for someone to let you in at a time that will not disturb the rest of the class.
    • be in class 100% of the time. Excused absences are to be followed up with a note or phone call from a parent to the school. Students are responsible for catching up on work missed. Tests missed must be made up in a timely manner.
    • come to class with homework complete and ready to review.
    • have projects and assignments done on time and to the best of your ability. (All major assignments and test must be completed in order for you to demonstrate that you can meet the learning outcomes for this course.)
    • be prepared for class. You are to bring a pen and pencil, paper and binder to class.  Your binder should be organized and should not have any loose pages floating around.
    • use technology appropriately in the classroom.  (laptops, ipads, smartphones are fantastic tools if used in a respectful and appropriate manner)

Other notes:

You may bring a HEALTHY snack that does not make a mess or noise in class. You may only bring WATER to class. Please save your lunch for lunch time!

Remember, extra help is always available!!!

Welcome to Liverclass!