Technology in the Classroom

ipads and other technology in the classroom

The language department is fortunate to have a cart of ipads as a resource for our classroom.  The students will have access to this technology at least one class a week. 

Please ensure that you have given permission on the Parent Portal for your student to use the internet at school if you would like them to have the  use of technology in the classroom.

My classroom is very tech friendly.  I have been teaching with a smartboard for the past 12 years.  I have encouraged students to work collaboratively using google docs.  We use applications such as garage band for audio podcasting on a routine basis.  

If your student would like to bring his or her own device to class to support his or her learning I will do my best to facilitate this.  Technology such as ipods, iphones, ipads /tablets and laptop computers can all be valuable tools to enrich your child’s educational experience if used correctly.  I will work with your student so that they fully understand how and when these tools should be used in the classroom.

 Freshgrade Portfolios and class website

We will use our Freshgrade Portfolios to track student progress. Homework and lesson summaries will be posted to the announcements section of the student portfolios.  

Each course has one page on this website.  Resources will be posted here and links will be placed on the student’s portfolios to the resources for each unit of study.

Google docs

Many students have gmail accounts.  This will also allow them to create collaborative documents and folders that are perfect for sharing work online.

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