French Workbook and Binder Information

The  Westview  Secondary Language Department will use a series of books in French 8 – 12 called Bien Dit.   Students are not issued their own textbook, there is a class set of textbooks. 

Online textbook:

Students will be given usernames and codes.  They can access the online textbook at .


Student binders should be organized into the following sections:

  • Cahier 
  • Grammaire
  • Vocabulaire
  • Suppléments
  • Culture
  • Journal et réflections


The students will use  workbooks for activities to reinforce learning that has taken place in the classroom.

Students will be given one photocopied “cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire” at the beginning of the unit.  If this is lost they can print a copy off the pdf file posted to the website.

Students will also need a small bound Hilroy notebook for journal writes in class.

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